Extreme Insulators Auction
Flashing lightning bolts - Extreme Insulators Auction

Definition: Extreme: at opposite ends of a range or scale

Extremely easy to use: Built using the most commonly used insulator auction format on the web

Extremely visual: Normal and "super size" pictures of the front, rear and other angles of the items

Extremely affordable: Prices from $5 to $1,000+

Extremely eclectic: Has a mixture of threaded, threadless, colored porcelain, LRB, ramshorn, light bulb

Extremely well traveled: From Californias to Bostons

Extremely fair: Auction and Lottery formats, no sniping

Extremely budget conscious: Lay away plan for up to 6 months to spread out payments

Extremely FUN: Get some nice items for your collection, whatever your budget, and enjoy the process!


Auction is over

Auction run by Bill and Jill Meier